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Ramp Up Your Personal Style for a Special Occasion

Do you have a special birthday or anniversary approaching? While there’s always a reason to celebrate, a marked occasion can inspire and motivate you to put your best foot forward. Are you attending a reunion and want to look and feel your best?  Do you feel like the years have caught up with you? If you’ve been less than attentive in taking care of yourself, there’s no time like a special occasion to ramp up your personal style.  You don’t need years, a personal trainer or a massive budget, just follow some of these simple tips from respected stylist and wellness experts and you’ll be able to attend the event as your very best self.

The first step in ramping up your personal style is actually a step. Get moving. The more you move, the more stamina you will have and it will truly be reflected in your presence. Commit to taking a brisk twenty minute walk every day to boost your metabolism and energy level. It will help reduce bloating, boost your circulation, and you may well lose a few pounds. Continue this up until the event and you might realize that you’ve actually established a healthy new habit that will carry on long after the last champagne toast.

Make an appointment with your hair stylist. If you’ve been sporting the same cut for years, it is certainly time for an update. Spend the extra time during the consultation to explore new style options with your stylist that will take into consideration your hair type, flatter your features and work best with your lifestyle. It’s only a haircut not a tattoo. If you don’t like it, let it grow out and change it. You never know until you try. Use the opportunity to spend time with a professional cosmetologist to explore new make-up techniques and the latest products on the market to enhance your features. This won’t change who you are, it’s only objective is to enhance your look.

Plan to spend a Saturday working through your wardrobe.  It certainly isn’t necessary to purchase a whole new wardrobe. However, donating or consigning pieces you don’t wear and rediscovering styles that are the most flattering is certainly time well spent. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and explore the fabulous styles available for great value from Charlotte Russe. While you’ll be selecting an outfit for your special occasion, no doubt you’ll also find pieces to ramp up your style long after you’ve returned home. Step out of your comfort zone and try styles that you may have avoided for one reason or another. You have nothing to lose by trying a new look. Finally, remember that the most important thing to wear to any occasion is a genuine smile and quiet self-confidence. These will ramp up any new style. Best of luck to you on putting your best new foot forward at your special function!

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